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About Soccer Tots

Our Goal: Nurture fundamental soccer skills in children across different age levels.

Our program fosters coordination, balance, and fun in a safe environment. Participants will master essential soccer skills such as dribbling, turning, passing, and shooting through structured activities and enjoyable games. These activities promote motor skills, social interaction, and imagination, making it a perfect fit for children of all experience levels. Soccer Tots offers a fantastic first soccer experience, with our coaches keeping it simple, encouraging, and fun. We emphasize positive play, enabling kids to engage with the ball and peers extensively. Our non-competitive games focus on movement and listening skills. 

All participants and locations are insured through K&K Insurance.

Fundamental Development

Soccer Tots focuses on nurturing fundamental soccer skills across different age levels.

& Balance

Soccer Tots emphasizes coordination and balance in a safe environment.

All Experience

Soccer Tots welcomes kids of all experience levels, making it suitable for everyone.

Dribbling, Passing, & Shooting

Soccer Tots focuses on teaching kids of all skill levels how to dribble, turn, pass and shoot.

Safety &

Soccer Tots offers insurance coverage through K&K Insurance for all locations.

Positive Fun
& Learning

We encourage positive play, social interaction, and teamwork in a non-competitive setting.


Why parents
love soccer tots

"Great and speedy communications. Easy sign up. Quick delivery of services when ordering shirts. Very responsive to inquiries. We have a blast on soccer mornings. Highly recommend!"
Kelly C.
"My little Tot has enjoyed his time playing soccer with his friends and coaches. Can’t wait to continue to next season! ⚽️"
Kayla S.

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